Broadwater Coffee Brewing

The Southwest side of Great Falls was missing something. We had shopping centers and restaurants and bars, but no coffee. Until this place opened.

Full disclosure–the owners are friends of mine. But it’s Great Falls. Eventually, you get to know pretty much everybody.

Great place to catch up on work

They’ve got the usual coffee options, but they also come up with regular drink specials. And they have waffles. Sweet, sweet waffles with a variety of accoutrements. Personally, I like the Little Piggy (bacon and maple syrup,) but the Berries and Nutella has been calling my name lately.

If you’re coming a little later in the day, they offer savory waffles. Can’t go wrong with the Pesto Grilled Cheese waffle.

Pesto Grilled Cheese waffle with a happy latte

There’s a drive-through, a private parking lot, and a cozy indoor seating area. Definitely worth visiting if you’re ever in Great Falls.

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